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Nirror allows you to see your visitors' actions in live or in replay


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Watch replays of every visit on your website.

Live Support

Bring live customer support to your website with chat and real-time screen sharing.

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Full access to your customer behaviors data. Integrate with proven analytic and data visualization tools

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Integrate recording controls in your application.

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Embed recordings anywhere as easily as a youtube video

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Nirror allows us to go further than A/B testing and list every issues our customers meet. It also reveals how visitors behave naturally which is very useful to discover design problems that we did not suspect.

Roland Nielsen, Merci Handy CEO

The biggest challenge when building a quality web application is trying to gather the users' insight. Nirror allows us to see our users' reaction towards our software's evolution and gives us the opportunity to create a very intuitive software.

Rémi Cournil, Nereo CEO