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Copy a short script into your website


Watch videos of your cutomers actions in live or in replay


Identify customer needs and improve conversion

Customers visit your website or web application
You watch them live or in replay and jump in when necessary!

Nirror Recorder

Start recording visits on your website.

Watch replays of visitors who experienced difficulties using your service. Then use Nirror Live Support to guide them to the appropriate solution.

Nirror Live Support

Bring live customer support to your website with chat and real-time screen sharing.

Live Support is based upon Nirror's real-time technology which allows a user session to be streamed from any browser, without the need of a plugin or a special permission. It even works in multi-tab sessions. Understand your users' needs, then use our chat tool to start a conversation and increase your chances of conversion by 20%.

Chat is the favorite communication channel for support according to the customers and leads to the highest satisfaction rate.

Operator avatar
Alexia says: 14 minutes ago
Hi, how can I help you ?
Visitor avatar
Visitor says: 4 minutes ago
Yes! I'm not sure about those shoes that I'm looking at...
Will I be able to return them if I change my mind
Operator avatar
Alexia says: 3 minutes ago
Sure, we have a 30 days return policy at :-)
Visitor avatar
Visitor says: a minute ago
That's all I wanted to know. Bye

Support your customers for E-commerce websites and SaaS

Reach your customers at anytime using chat or emailing.

Do not waste any more time trying to understand what process your customer went through before they asked for help. No more time lost in long exchanges, taking and sharing screenshots. You just watch what happened in past visits and use this to create a very precise answer your customer will love.

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Optimize User Experience

You want to improve conversion on your landing pages?

What about your pricing and your checkout pages ?

Nirror Recording helps you understand how your prospects reacts to your changes.

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Our first paid plan starts at 10€ a month.

So anyone can support their customers on their website now.

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Pricing and checkout pages of SaaS like us do not have a significant volume of data for analytics tools to be relevant. Nirror answers this problem by giving us a great visual feedback of our visitors on those pages. Nirror allows us to understand users behavior, optimize usability and fix bugs.



Our platforms are serving nationwide retailers in the US, and observing the user behavior was a key element to guarantee an optimal transaction flow for Jifiti’s gifting platform. Nirror was very simple to implement in our website in a matter of minutes. Everything the Nirror team do is so easy to understand and use, including setting up the account, using the Dashboard or watching our recordings.

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